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Anandpragya- 3 day Meditation Journey

About Oshodhara- The Originators

The sanskrit word 'dhara' means the stream moving from the source towards the ocean. Oshodhara is a 'Live Stream of Masters' originating from Osho that guide the seekers in their inner journey - the journey towards Enlightenment.

After a gap of 7 years of Osho leaving His body, Swami Anand Siddharth, a disciple of Osho, attained Enlightenment in 1997. Soon Ma Amrit Priya and Swami Shailendra Saraswati (Osho's younger brother), also disciples of Osho, joined this stream and formed a trinity which culminated into Oshodhara. These living masters are now known as Osho Siddharth Osho Priya and Osho Shailendra respectively and have been working since 1999 to help the seekers at every step of their inner journey.

With the help of these living masters many have attained Enlightenment and many others are in the process. Some are trained to be the 'Acharyas' (Masters) so as to help more and more seekers through nine levels of 'Samadhi Programs'.

The spring has come. The flowers of super-consciousness are blossoming. Osho's dream of ten thousand Buddhas is being fulfilled. You too are invited to come and join the dance, to listen to the eternal music - the Anahat Naad, the sound of one hand clapping!

"A living Master is needed. Only in a living Master's presence does your innermost bud open, blossom...

Unless you have the fortune of being with a living master, with whom you are related -- not the way people are related to organizations, but with whom you are related individually, the way lovers are related, in personal intimacy -- only then can care be taken, and you can be helped slowly, slowly, towards the final quantum jump.

- Osho

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The contact address of Ms. Sangeeta Gupta (Reiki Grandmaster)
School of Holistic Healing, D 175, Phase 1, Ashok Vihar, Delhi 110052
Phone Numbers: +91 11 27233011,  +91 9811142249
Email: sangeeta@moneymantra.net